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Independent reporting on web3 and project support

Independent writing

Independent research and writing on web3 developments, a straightforward and honest voice in the market.

Graphic design

Wide range of design support including deck and whitepaper creation, UI/UX design, branding, infographics, social media and more.

Public platform

Qualitative topical article writing, in‑depth case studies, interviews and Ask Me Anything events, performed independently by our analysts.


Support from corporate identity and tone of voice development to insightful writing keeping tone, target group, and purpose in mind. 

Dissecting chains into blocks

Separating sense from nonsense in web3

Dissecting chains into blocks

Separating sense from nonsense in web3

Project vetting

Scouting out promising companies, deck-, paper reviews, background checks, separating the wheat from the chaff based on fundamental business and market understanding.

Fundamental guidance

Strategic consulting, funding, NFT and token launch strategies, investor-, partnership-, and service introductions (market-making, auditing, marketing, and more).

Post-launch guidance

Evaluation of market positioning, token-, community-, marketing strategy, business development, partnership-, and service introductions, long term involvement.

Tailored research

Executing fundamental quantitative and qualitative research tailored to market insight needs, clear reporting on key market questions.


Leverage our network and experience

From building blocks to chains

Making meaningful connections happen

The team

Independent, honest, involved

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